Our kappa king products are manufactured by Ganesh Nagendra Mill was established in 1952. It is a 3rd generation family legacy that blends entrepreneurship with innovation. All our products are made from 100% natural tapioca grown in fertile foothills of the western ghats in kanyakumari district - The old Travancore kingdom (Kerala). We believe sourcing locally grown produce embodies its value of giving back to the community and contributing to its sustainability. We also adopt fair trade practices for farmers and other stake holders in the value chain. Tapioca being a drought-resistant crop, it can grow under dry conditions too. By choosing kappa king products you are not only helping the tribal communities indirectly but also saving water and ensuring food security in India.

A story of Travancore

Tapioca is one of the staple foods of Kerala. It was introduced to Travancore (South Kerala) by the king of Travancore, His Highness Vysakham Thirunal Maharaja who was also a botanist, in the 1860s. The crop was initially introduced as a quintessential laborers’ food during a famine. Later, at the beginning of the 19th century, the people of central Travancore started migrating to the Malabar region. They took the tapioca crop and introduced it to the locals. Tapioca puttu, Tapioca rava, Tapioca dosa & other tapioca food were all part of Travancore ethnic cuisine. Tapioca food kept the laborer's stomach filled.

Why Kappa King?

While there are only a few tapioca product manufacturers in India, Kappa King is the only manufacturer that possesses a valid food license to manufacture tapioca flour. We use food grade tapioca and ensure our product compatibility with ISO, HACCP, Halal, FSSAI and other world-class standards as required in Europe and the Middle East. Our products are manufactured in a contemporary facility where each step in the processing is closely monitored and each unit is passed through thorough quality checks to ensure freshness and quality.

100% Vegan

Gluten Free


Using Virgin Oil

No artificial colors

Good source of carbohydrates, iron

Improves metabolism

Made with finest ingredients all locally sourced

Quick and Healthy Ready-to-Cook Meals

Kappa King’s ready-to-cook meals contain the right blend of ingredients for you to cook a healthy and tasty meal in minutes. Choose from our variety of Puttu Flour, Rava Flour, Pasta and Papads to prepare a delectable meal.

Piquant Ready-to-Eat Snacks for Every Mood

Why munch on unhealthy snacks when you have a better option available? Pick out from our choicest of snacks such as Namkeen, Chips, Murukku, Mixture, Sev and Pakoda to gratify your hunger pangs.

Cook Smart with Healthy Instant Mixes

Don’t miss out on a meal due to the shortage of time. Try our healthy instant mixes to fix yourself a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. Select from our array of mixes such as Kesari, Biryani, Soup, Dosa and Payasam.