About Kappa King

Kappa King products are manufactured by the third generation of tapioca entrepreneurs. The name Kappa King is significant because ‘Kappa’ means tapioca and ‘King’ refers to the fact that we lead the market in producing vast varieties of tapioca food products.

Our products are prepared from farm-fresh tapioca, which is grown in the fertile foothills of the Western Ghats in the Kanyakumari district of old Travancore kingdom.

Your purchase indirectly supports the tribal community that grows Tapioca in these regions. We do not use any fertilizer or pesticides for the tapioca crops. Moreover, tapioca is a drought resistance crop. So, by choosing Kappa King products, you are saving water for India and supporting food security in India.

Process of Bringing the Goodness of Tapioca into Your Kitchen

Kappa King brings farm-fresh, high-quality tapioca from the foothills of the Western Ghats to your kitchen. But do you know how much hard work goes into the process? It goes through five thorough quality checks to ensure that only superior products reach your home. Let us tell you all about it.

kappa king factory
Step 1: Cultivation of pesticide-free tapioca crop

Kappa King’s tapioca is grown over 4000 acres of fertile land in the Kanyakumari district, which yields over 35,000 tons of the crop annually. Tapioca for Kappa King products is grown without any fertilizer or pesticides. Moreover, tapioca is a drought resistance crop, which means it saves water and supports food security in India.

Step 2: Purchase and transportation

Tapioca is purchased from the farmers and then transported to the factory, where it goes through first quality check. Each unit is thoroughly checked for quality and freshness while unloading to avoid fungus, insect-infested raw material, ash content, starch content and more.

Step 3: Unloading, cleaning and peeling

Once the quality is safeguarded, the tapioca is unloaded in the factory. It is washed, cleaned and peeled, after which a second quality check is conducted for microbiological parameters such as E. coli, salmonella, and others to ensure that there is no contamination.

Step 4: Mechanical drying and flour milling

After warranting the quality, the entire produce goes through a mechanical process of drying to maintain hygiene standards. The third quality analysis is performed to check for moisture to ensure that the products last longer. Once the produce is completely rid of the moisture, it is milled to convert into flour.

Step 5: Product value addition

After milling, the flour is checked for quality before processing into the final products. Kappa King is the only company in India to manufacture tapioca flour with food license because of the exceptional quality of our products. After going through these intensive quality checks, the tapioca is converted into Ready-to-Cook Meals, Ready-to-Eat Snacks and Instant Cooking Mixes.

Trust Kappa King to deliver top-quality, 100% pesticide-free tapioca products that are filled with natural goodness.

Our Team

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